Providing Purposeful Direction

Creating a compelling future which everyone can understand & identify with.



Having everyone on the same page is critical to achieving your goals. Without a clear view of the future destination, which everyone believes in, your chances of a successful change are low.


Using our strategic visioning process, we can help you to articulate your strategy simply and consistently. We provide the tools and techniques to link strategy and implementation, enabling your strategy to be communicated from one piece of paper.

We believe that having an effective, well-communicated core purpose increases your chance of a successful transformation. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the research (purposeful performance - making it happen). If you are embarking on a large-scale transformation, we can provide the process and tools to create your purpose-driven programme.

You may have an idea which you’re not sure will work. Or you know someone else is doing something better than you, and you don’t know how. Perhaps you know where you want to get to, but you don’t know how. This is where we can help. With a combination of research techniques we can provide strategic insights for you, providing you with data and knowledge to make your decisions more confidently.


“From a client perspective, the process adopted really helped gel the team around a common purpose and beat rate. This accelerated the change process and gave everyone the fundamental understanding of why we needed to change. The resulting organisation was built to maximise opportunity whilst reflecting on risk – it was expertly facilitated by Collingwood. I truly believe that without Collingwood the process of defining our vision, culture and organisation structure would have been far more difficult, taken longer, and probably would not have had the same staff engagement and understanding.”

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