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Delivering Successful Change

Whether you need to set up a new change programme, or refocus an existing one, we can help.



With research showing that 70% of change programmes fail, it is critical to get the foundations right. Whether that is in terms of planning, execution, or capability to lead the change, we can help.


Change programmes, whether small or complex, can have many interdependencies and risks, and need flexibility in solution to achieve what they have set out to do. We can help to define the overall roadmap with clear, logical steps to achieving your goals, building in the required adaptability. We can also help you to align your current change programmes with the new strategy. Stopping doing something is often as critical as starting new initiatives.

When delivering change, it is important to keep everyone in the loop so they are aware of what is happening. We can help leadership to create and deliver clear, consistent communications, delivered in a transformational, engaging way to inspire their own people through the change.

Strong, appropriate leadership is needed to drive change. Research ( strategic leadership development - white paper) has shown that a balance between transformational and transactional leadership is optimum, and it depends where you are in the organisation and what scale of change is being launched to determine the capabilities required. We can help you to build a suitable leadership team, role modelling the changes needed and taking responsibility for the significant role they will play in the programme, both as a team and as individual leaders.


"From a client perspective, the process adopted really helped gel the team around a common purpose and beat rate. This accelerated the change process and gave everyone the fundamental understanding of why we needed to change. The resulting organisation was built to maximise opportunity whilst reflecting on risk – it was expertly facilitated by Collingwood. I truly believe that without Collingwood the process of defining our vision, culture and organisation structure would have been far more difficult, taken longer, and probably would not have had the same staff engagement and understanding.”

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