Defining Where You Are

If you don’t know where you’re starting from, it’s very difficult to get to where you want to go.



We help to understand your current start point with data and clarity, clarifying the risk of your journey from the outset. From this point, it is easier to measure progress and to determine if you’re focusing on the right things in the first place.


We provide, with certainty, a current picture of your organisation in terms of benchmarked performance and effectiveness. If you are about to embark on a large-scale complex change, this can help prioritise areas of focus, raise issues which haven’t yet been seen which could derail the change effort, and also provide a benchmark of performance on which to measure return on investment of the change programme.

Using evidence-based leadership assessments, and our consultancy expertise for context, we can predict the performance of individual leaders and executive teams. Knowing where key strengths lie at an individual and team level, as well as blind spots, allows for change programmes to be launched with a clear risk position identified, and mitigating actions put in place.