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Organisational Change and Transformation

Delivering change needed in your organisation.



Strategic or long-term goal setting is needed in any organisation, but achieving those goals doesn’t always go to plan. Maybe you don’t have a clearly defined start point or your strategy may not be clear or consistently communicated and understood at all levels of the organisation. Or you may know exactly where you are, and where you want to go, but don’t know how to get there. These are the situations in which we can help.


We help at all stages of the change journey and understanding at what point we are jumping aboard means we can diagnose the best solution for the rest of the programme. Dependent upon the stage you are at in your change or transformation, we can guide you on your way.

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“From a client perspective, the process adopted really helped gel the team around a common purpose and beat rate. This accelerated the change process and gave everyone the fundamental understanding of why we needed to change. The resulting organisation was built to maximise opportunity whilst reflecting on risk – it was expertly facilitated by Collingwood. I truly believe that without Collingwood the process of defining our vision, culture and organisation structure would have been far more difficult, taken longer, and probably would not have had the same staff engagement and understanding.”

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