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Organisational Change and Engagement


Change is inevitable if organisations are to grow and be successfully competitive. Implementing strategic transformation and culture change is one of the most difficult challenges faced by leaders, according to Forbes. With over half of initiatives reportedly failing, at a substantial cost and time to the organisation, it is critical that Boards and Senior Leaders ensure that the business adapts and engages its workforce for sustainability.



We partner organisations going through strategic change, to drive and navigate successful change initiatives. We programme manage each phase to ensure successful execution and alignment to organisational values and purpose. Our programmes importantly incorporate engagement with key stakeholders to champion the change, and to ensure successful implementation and prolongation.

Our approach is to:

  • create a clear company direction and a critical mass of buy-in to strategic change initiatives, using a blend of consultative interventions to allow the company to operate sustainably where it needs to be
  • use credible assessments that have been robustly tested, and produce valid results
  • produce reliable quantitative and qualitative data, based on internal and external factors to benchmark the current climate and culture and improve organisational effectiveness
  • offer a tailored solution that is bespoke to the unique diversity of the organisation
  • provide direction and clarity to activities that will realise the most value
  • deliver strategy led, commercially driven programmes with clear, tangible goals




We deploy strategic consultancy skills, industry insights and assessments in leadership aptitude and business transformation to provide the following outcomes:

  • clarity of company direction and purpose
  • reduced risk of significant change during cultural transformation and growth
  • reliable analysis of data and practical actions for performance improvement
  • direct attention to activities that will realise the most value
  • engagement and mass buy-in to accelerate change initiatives and performance outcomes.

This proven consultancy process has resulted in revenue and profit growth, as well as operational resilience. 

For further information on how our consultancy services can help your business improve its organisational performance and board effectiveness, please contact Jennifer Jones, Director of Consultancy Services, on 01829 732374 or e-mail

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