Leadership Team

We are an independently owned consultancy with leaders benefiting from both industry and consulting roles. We’ve been both sides of the fence.

With their extensive industry and consulting experience, our leadership team brings guidance and clarity to our teams and to our clients. With too many years to mention working as part of, or alongside executive teams, our experience primarily comes from Financial Services, Technology, Manufacturing, Construction, Defence, Hospitality and Retail. We have worked across the World in Asia, Australia, America and Europe combining evidence-based analytics with professional judgement to help organisations excel in rapid change environments.

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Jennifer Jones Adam Goodwin Dr Paul Turner
Jennifer’s corporate career has given her 15 years’ experience in leading and architecting strategies to create sustainable business performance... Adam has built up expertise in leadership, strategic selling, culture change & HR strategy. He has worked as an independent consultant in the UK... Before gaining his PhD in leadership, Paul established a track record of success as an executive responsible for commercial multi-channel operations…

 Our strength comes from our team and the role they play in creating solutions and long-term partnerships with clients. We each have our preferred specialisms and styles, and we will choose the best team to deliver the best result for you.