How can we help?

Our purpose is to help our clients strengthen their foundations, to accelerate their performance.   We do this by genuinely listening to and understanding the: challenges faced, market industry, competitive strengths and vulnerabilities, purpose, vision and culture and business strategy of our clients.




Lack of purpose and goals

Board Effectiveness and Strategic Assessment

Achievement of business strategy
through greater clarity, understanding,
and engagement.

Newly appointed leaders
struggling to add value or
make an impact

Leadership Transition

Empowered leadership capability
and accelerated rate at which leaders
thrive and make a positive contribution.

Effectively leading strategic change

Leadership Development and Retention

Development of leadership style
and capability to effectively lead
and engage during challenging
times of significant change.

Resistance to change

Organisational Change and Engagement

Greater engagement and buy-in
to business strategy and growth
targets, resulting in quicker
performance outcomes.

High employee turnover

Leadership Development and Retention

Reduced employee turnover and
financial costs, by keeping the right
talent in the right roles to achieve
your vision.

Disengaged workforce

Organisational Change and Engagement

Improved organisational performance,
profitability, customer satisfaction and
quality, by addressing the demographics
that influence these outcomes.

Leaders not demonstrating
behaviours that produce
successful outcomes

Leadership Development and Retention

Leadership development aligned
to business agenda with clearly
measured success and effect
on the bottom line

Disruption due to organisational
restructure, merger or acquisition

Leadership Transition

Successful move into alternative
employment, reinforcing employer
brand by doing the right thing.

No clear succession for key roles

Leadership Development and Retention

Effective talent strategy, developing
and retaining high-performing talent
for key leadership roles, to secure
long-term organisational success

Why choose Collingwood?

  • We partner organisations to deliver highly commercial, people-focused programmes that affect tangible change.
  • No two programmes are the same: our solutions are bespoke to the unique organisational, team or individual need.
  • Our systems and techniques are based on neuroscience, empirically evidenced and academically validated.
  • All programmes are strategy led and commercially driven with clear, tangible business performance goals.
  • Our proven consultancy processes result in revenue and profit growth, as well as operational resilience through retention of key talent and robust succession planning.
  • We are led by our clients’ vision and strategy, underpinned by a true partnership.

Contact Jennifer Jones, our Director of Consultancy Services, on 01829 732374 to find out how we can support you or your organisation.